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How can I change my privacy settings?
How can I change my privacy settings?

How can I change my privacy settings in the G2M platform

Updated over a week ago

You can change your Privacy settings by going to the Settings page, Privacy section. There you will find the following settings:

  • Shared product analytics. This feature enables us to capture usage data which is then aggregated to help us develop a better user experience. Turn it off if you do not want your usage to be tracked.

  • Marketing communications. We will, from time to time, send you emails regarding new products and services and other opportunities that may be relevant to you. Turn it off if you would like to unsubscribe.

  • Local storage cache. Encoding keys are stored in your browser's local storage cache. These keys may contains sensitive or personally identifiable information depending on the source data you encoded locally. Clearing the cache will remove all G2M platform files including all encoding keys from your local storage cache. We do not recommend doing so if you plan on continuing to use existing models on your local machine. We do recommend clearing your cache if you plan on turning your machine over to another user, or do not plan on using existing models.

  • Activity log. If you wish to clear the activity log displayed on the home page, click the relevant Clear button in this section.

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