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How do I create a new dataset?
How do I create a new dataset?

This post provides a guide on how do I create a new dataset in the G2M platform prior to building a new machine learning model.

Updated over a week ago

When we talk about creating a new dataset in the G2M platform, we really mean connecting into the G2M platform a dataset you've created, aggregated, cleansed somewhere else. To connect your dataset to the G2M platform, follow these steps:

  1. From the "Datasets" page, click on the "Connect new dataset" card. A dialog box will open.

  2. In the dialog box, enter a descriptive name for your dataset

  3. Pick the type of data source you would like to connect, e.g. CSV or Snowflake

  4. If you've selected CSV, click on the upload icon to select a file on your local machine, then skip to step 7

  5. If you've selected Snowflake, then enter the relevant Snowflake metadata and credentials as requested, then skip to step 7

  6. If you've selected public cloud storage, then enter a publicly available URL for your data file. Your file must be formatted as CSV.

  7. Once your source metadata is filled in, click on the download icon to test the connection to your dataset

  8. Once you pass connection validation the "Connect" button will become active. If not, make sure you entered the correct source metadata and credentials

  9. Click the "Connect" button

Your dataset connection will then be created and should appear in your list of datasets after a few seconds. You are now ready to use this dataset in any new model you create in the "Models" page.

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