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What type of data sources can I use?
What type of data sources can I use?

This article discusses what type of data sources you can use when creating a machine learning model in the G2M platform.

Updated over a week ago

Datasets come in three categories:

  • Local CSV files. In this case you are expected to have a properly formatted CSV data file on your local machine

  • Cloud-based databases, such as Snowflake. You will need your login information along with your database metadata (database name, schema, table name, ...). You may need to check with your system admin to ensure the G2M platform backend is included in your Access Control List if your system has own in place. For more information feel free to contact your G2M Support Team.

  • Public storage buckets, such as an Azure or S3 storage account. In this case you should have a URL associated with you file, and your file is assumed to be publicly available.

If for some reason you do not see your data source type in the G2M platform user interface feel free to reach out to us and we will make every effort to add the relevant connector promptly.

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